CREACT4MED announces the winners of the call for Enhancing Regional Cooperation in the Southern Mediterranean

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In November 2023, CREACT4MED launched a new call for subgrants to enhance regional cooperation in the cultural creative industries in the Southern Mediterranean. The key objectives of the call were to promote cross-border networking and partnerships, to stimulate cultural and creative collaborations and to facilitate the internationalization of CCI companies to fund activities such as networking events, collaborative workshops, cultural exchange programs, international exhibitions, and capacity-building exercises.

The call closed at the end of December 2023, and after a rigorous evaluation process, 6 proposals have been selected to receive the subgrant and implement their projects. Read on to learn more about them, and their plans for the next 3 months…


Bazarna Pop Up Society is the go-to service platform for local talents in the cultural and creative industries to promote their brands, especially in their early stages. Bazarna has supported hundreds of talents in the cultural and creative industries improve their capacity, get exposure, generate steady sales, reach more clients on an offline and online basis, and receive brand recognition.

To boost regional cooperation, Bazarna will support 18 businesses in Egypt and the Southern Mediterranean in gaining international exposure and generating sales by participating in an international business exhibition in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The businesses will also have the chance to establish long-term deals with renowned concept stores with multiple branches in Jeddah to reach a wider audience.

Link to Website:


CREATEC (Tunisian Association of Creative Technology) has the goal of organising and representing professionals in the digital content industries – animated cinema, video games, comics, photography, special effects, publishing, music, advertising, visual arts, graphic arts and performing arts, historical and cultural heritage.

Over the next 3 months, CREATEC will connect entrepreneurs to their metaverse to promote cultural heritage and promote their businesses. The metaverse is an immersive experience of traditions and artisanal craftsmanship through gamification mechanics. They will co-design an exhibition space with the entrepreneurs to facilitate online business operations, creating a direct connection between culture enthusiasts and local artisans.

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Culture Funding Watch is the destination for artists and arts organisations to access information and intelligence about Art and culture resources mobilisation. It is a network of people and content that supports equal access to information, provides services to facilitate access to resources as well as advocates for transparent and responsible financing for the Arts and Culture.
With the CREACT4MED subgrant, they will launch the Creative and Cultural Industries Access to Finance Skills Development Program (CCI SDP) across Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt. This initiative will bolster the capacities of CCI actors by providing training on access to finance and internationalisation. The program encompasses 3 weekly masterclasses by resource mobilization experts, a regional networking meetup and an international placement award pilot.

Link to Website:


Hebron Community Center For Youth and Adult Education is a Palestinian non-governmental organization, established in the city of Hebron in 2019. They run activities to strengthen the fabric of Palestinian society through cultural programmes, involving youth and women.

With the CREACT4MED subgrant, they will engage with 30 cultural and creative business owners in the field of ceramics, pottery and its formations, leather, carpets, embroideries, Palestinian heritage products, traditional clothing, and national musical instruments. They will support these entrepreneurs through training to enter markets in the Middle East, and North Africa, with the aim of increasing trade exchange and cooperation, bolstering the Palestinian national economy, and creating more employment opportunities for young creatives in the targeted fields.

Link to Website:


Nakoll Eats is the birth of a Middle Eastern food society in Cairo. “Nakoll”, where training, food content, and startup food incubations cooked in one pot. Nakoll initiated the Farm 2 Fork movement in Cairo which aims to enhance food systems by engaging stakeholders and building a community to share knowledge, create connections and promote investment.
With the CREACT4MED subgrant, Nakoll Eats will hold mentoring and coaching workshops in Lebanon with tourism providers to enhance understanding of the food-tourism industry. They will then hold networking events in Egypt and Lebanon to connect relevant stakeholders across borders and industries to promote food-tourism in the region.

Link to Website:


OurGhema is the first innovation hub in Medenine Tunisia. They work with youth in the region to innovate and bring social change, boosting social entrepreneurship through their different incubation and support programs. At the same time, they provide a safe space for youth and women, to study, work and innovate at their co-working cafe.
To boost regional cooperation, OurGhema will implement two residency programs, each lasting one week: one in Medenine and one in Cairo. To do so, they will team up with a space manager in Egypt. Together, they will conduct sessions to connect communities in each country to promote entrepreneurship and co-creation by sharing experiences and providing an understanding of the local market context.

Link to Website:

We look forward to following your progress over the next 3 months and to see the impact of enhanced regional cooperation in the Southern Mediterranean region!

CREACT4MED is a project funded by the EU through the EuropeAid Programme, which aims to strengthen businesses with the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). It seeks to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs, create jobs, and foster sustainable economic growth in the Southern Mediterranean, with a particular focus on young people and women. It is led by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) (Coordinator).

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