CREACT4MED sub-grant for incubation services in Jordan awarded

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A key pillar of CREACT4MED’s activities in supporting and strengthening CCI entrepreneurship and business opportunities in the Southern Mediterranean is direct financial support to business support organisations (BSOs) to help them implement new quality services to help cultural and creative entrepreneurs build competitive businesses and relevant connections through the early, high-risk stages of development, with an emphasis on creating jobs and supporting young people and women.

Earlier this year, sub-grants were awarded to Nilepreneurs in Egypt, Minassa in Tunisia, Nucleus Ventures in Lebanon, LaStartupFactory in Morocco. CREACT4MED is pleased to announce that the winning BSO from Jordan has now also been chosen:

  • TTI Innovation

All awarded incubators will receive funding to develop incubation services for local CCI projects, encompassing a variety of mentoring, matchmaking, access to finance and IPR management services. They will also ensure the maximum outreach of CREACT4MED activities and opportunities, and support the creation of a region-wide CCI Hub in the Mediterranean.

Congratulations to TTI Innovation and all awarded organisations! We look forward to working together to build strong and prosperous CCI entrepreneurship in the region.

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