CREACT4MED Training Academy Success Story: E-Tafakna

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Norchen Menzi is a graduate of the CREACT4MED Training Academy which is a training course designed to tackle the main aspects of running a business touching on business models, legal obstacles, financial considerations, and marketing strategies giving a comprehensive overview of how to run a successful CCI business. With the support of this training, Norchen has launched a mobile application with her business E-Tafakna: Read our short interview with her here and the details on her newly launched application.

Hi Norchen, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Norchen Mezni, located in Tunisia. I’m a seven-time founder with nominations for Forty under 40 Africa and 30 under 30 Africa. I hold a BA in Business Administration and an M2 in Marketing. I’m the founder of E-Tafakna, a legal tech startup.

What is E-Tafakna?

E-Tafakna is a legal tech startup offering a mobile app that streamlines contract management. Users can create, edit, and manage contracts effortlessly. The platform provides access to legal experts for personalized advice, real-time contract notifications, and various subscription plans. Additionally, E-Tafakna integrates AI-powered scanning, allowing users to scan contracts for smart recommendations and insights. This innovative approach enhances contract analysis, making legal services more accessible and efficient for users.

Why did you apply for the CREACT4MED training academy and how did you benefit from it?

I applied for the CREACT4MED in 2022 to enhance my entrepreneurial skills and network with like-minded individuals. The program exceeded my expectations, offering valuable insights and practical exercises. Collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs and instructors was enlightening. I’ve applied the knowledge from CREACT4MED to refine E-Tafakna, integrating innovative concepts. In the future, I aim to leverage these skills for the continuous development of E-Tafakna, fostering growth and efficiency.

E-Tafakna’s website can be found here and it can be found on the Apple and Andriod Appstores.



We wish you all the best in your business, Norchen! To find out more about the CREACT4MED Training Academy, visit our Training page. If you participated in the CREACT4MED Training Academy and want to tell us about your experience and successes, email us at

CREACT4MED is a project funded by the EU through the EuropeAid Programme, which aims to strengthen businesses with the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). It seeks to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs, create jobs, and foster sustainable economic growth in the Southern Mediterranean, with a particular focus on young people and women.

It is led by Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) (Coordinator), with the partners Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises (BUSINESSMED), Redstart Tunisia, Confédération méditerranéenne pour le développement (MED Confederation), Beyond Group, Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta (LUMSA Università), Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME), Positive Agenda Advisory, and Womenpreneur.

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