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The CREACT4MED capitalization strategy focuses on nurturing an ecosystem that encourages sustainable growth, collaboration, and cross-cultural exchange. The strategy is led and will be implemented by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA), CREACT4MED project coordinator, with the contribution of project partners.

At its core, the overarching goal is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the established Mediterranean CCI Hub, transforming it into a robust support infrastructure for creative players from all corners of the Southern Mediterranean region. This hub is envisioned to serve as a dynamic platform where emerging talents, established entrepreneurs, and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds can continually connect, exchange ideas, and harness the collective creativity of the region.

Key elements of this strategy include transferring knowledge obtained through the project’s implementation, leveraging outputs of the CREACT4MED project (such as the engagement platform, the data observatory, the training methodologies and the funding schemes), and fostering the creation of long-lasting, robust connections with and among creative players.

The strategy outlines three specific objectives designed to consolidate the project’s efforts and foster lasting impact within the cultural and creative industries of the Southern Mediterranean:

  1. Continual Knowledge-Sharing
  2. Nurturing Entrepreneurial Ventures
  3. Establishing Synergies and Collaborations

Read the full strategy to understand how CREACT4MED will continue to promote CCI in the Southern Mediterranean. if you want to join our efforts, get in touch at

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