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By bringing together key CCI actors, including business support organisations (BSOs), the private sector, financial institutions, academia, public authorities, and NGOs, CREACT4MED aims to foster a vibrant CCI community and raise awareness of the importance, value creation, and social impact of creative and cultural industries (CCIs). With this in mind, CREACT4MED held the first Med CCI Hub Events on June 26th and 27th via the online platform Airmeet.

The First Med CCI Hub Event provided a space for dialogue where experts, practitioners, and other stakeholders had the chance to discuss and identify the best ways to create a productive and sustainable environment for the development of cultural and creative entrepreneurs & industries. With the aim of supporting the dynamization of the community, the engagement of new players and the generation of new connections and exchange of ideas and opportunities among the different stakeholders of the Mediterranean region.

The event was organised by the European Institute of the Mediterranean– IEMed and the EuroMediterranean Economists Association – EMEA, along with Culture Funding Watch, within the framework of the CREACT4MED project, and included several speed-networking sessions, workshops, roundtable discussions, CCI-specific seminars, etc.

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