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CREACT4MED seeks to strengthen CCI ecosystems in the region and unleash the full potential of the CCI to create empowered and flourishing societies. The project pursues this goal with a series of different activities, including for example capacity building through the CREACT4MED Training Academy and the Summer School on Cultural Management, as well as with direct funding to Business Support Organisations (BSOs), start-ups, and MSMEs of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) sector operating in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine or Tunisia. In this regard, the Call For Cultural And Creative Business Proposals was launched in July 2022 to fund a total of 24 CCI entrepreneurial projects, 4 per each target country, with a subgrant of up to 15,000 euros.

With the aim of disseminating the Call For Cultural And Creative Business Proposals among the CREACT4MED Training Academy Alumni and other possibly interested stakeholders, the IEMed organized the first Regional Alumni Network Event in collaboration with EMEA, the Lead Partner of the CREACT4MED consortium. The event represented a chance to explain the details of the Call’s content, procedures, and timeline. The event was organized also to give proper continuity to the journey of the CREACT4MED Training Academy through which trainees were encouraged to apply for funding opportunities, in particular the ones offered by the CREACT4MED funding scheme.

The event took place on the 2nd of August 2022 in a fully digital format. The event was held in English however the mail presentation used by the Speaker was both in English and French.

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