The final CREACT4MED Mainstreaming Event on intellectual property and cultural exchange held with over 50 participants

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  • The final CREACT4MED Mainstreaming Event on intellectual property and cultural exchange held with over 50 participants
The final CREACT4MED Mainstreaming Event on intellectual property and cultural exchange held with over 50 participants

On 6th June 2024, CREACT4MED held its third and final mainstreaming webinar with over 50 participants. The event brought together representatives from the private sector, civil society organizations (CSOs), and public authorities, all converging to address the critical intersection of cultural exchange and intellectual property. It was organised by project partner BUSINESSMED.


The event presented an opportunity to tackle the intellectual property within the creative economy, focusing on how it can be safeguarded and leveraged to foster economic growth and cultural vitality. The event saw robust participation, with around 50 attendees who were keen to gain in-depth insights from the shared experiences of the speakers. The esteemed panellists from Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, and Palestine were:

The event was moderated by Saif Aqel, Expert and Board member of Seeds For Development and Culture.

Discussions illuminated the potential of the cultural and creative sectors to significantly enhance employment opportunities and economic development. However, they also underscored persistent issues, such as illegal imitations and piracy, which threaten the integrity and profitability of creative works.

The panelists presented a cohesive array of solutions aimed at addressing the multifaceted challenges faced in protecting intellectual property within the creative economy. They advocated for the adoption of advanced technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, to tackle digital piracy and ensure the authenticity of creative works. Emphasizing international cooperation, they highlighted successful models like the European Union’s efforts to block piracy websites, suggesting similar regional collaborations. Furthermore, they stressed the importance of creating accessible versions of works for the visually impaired, ensuring inclusivity in cultural consumption.

Legal reforms were another critical area of focus. Panelists called for the harmonization of international and local laws to create a cohesive framework that robustly protects intellectual property. This includes updating content creation laws and lobbying for their adoption through parliamentary efforts. Additionally, they highlighted the need for mechanisms to enforce these laws effectively, particularly in sectors where intellectual property theft is rampant.

Financial strategies were also discussed, emphasizing the need to support the creative economy through better financial guarantees and investment incentives. Encouraging investment in intellectual property by providing financial institutions with the necessary guarantees can foster a more dynamic and profitable creative sector. This includes revisiting ownership percentages and ensuring fair profit-sharing arrangements between creators and investors.

Overall, the event highlighted that a well-protected intellectual property regime is not only a cornerstone for economic growth but also a vital component in preserving and promoting cultural diversity and innovation in the region.

CREACT4MED is a project funded by the EU through the EuropeAid Programme, which aims to strengthen businesses with the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). It seeks to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs, create jobs, and foster sustainable economic growth in the Southern Mediterranean, with a particular focus on young people and women. It is led by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) (Coordinator).

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